Understand How You Can Reduce Gynecomastia For Life

Learning how to lose chest fat requires that you find the initial cause of your condition and eliminate it from your system.

Regardless of whether a medical disease is at fault, gynecomastia is usually the result of elevated female sex hormones, namely estrogen. Levels of estrogen and testosterone can be altered in this way by certain environmental triggers.

Estrogen and testosterone are both sex hormones that control sexual characteristics in men and women. In general, during puberty estrogen gives women their breasts and testosterone gives men their extra muscle and bone mass. Since women can develop breasts in response to estrogen, so can men. All that has to happen is for the level of estrogen to go up in a man and/or the level of testosterone to decrease.

Common causes of gynecomastia due to high estrogen/low testosterone include:

Medical conditions
Triggers in the environment
Normal sex-hormone discrepancies

If youíre thinking about having gynecomastia treatment without surgery I urge you get a full check-up by your doctor to make sure your man boobs aren't being triggered by some form of internal hormone-altering disease. While youíre there your doctor will also examine you to see if you have any glandular tissue, for which you WILL eventually need surgery.

Although it is important to see your doctor, it is far more likely that your male breasts were caused by something in your environment. Hence, reducing man boobs naturally, by addressing these causative environmental factors, is usually the first course of action for a guy to take. Those who are listed by their doctors for surgical resection of breast glands and breast tissue, STILL need to address the root cause of their breast developing by following a natural man-boob reduction regime.

I won't lie to you and tell you that pharmaceutical drugs don't work. The fact is that they do, yet it comes with unwanted side-effects and it isn't the first option I would go for, knowing that medical drugs are just an extraction from natural substances anyway, and using natural methods is generally safer, risk-free, without side effects and generally in this case, far more powerful.

Female sex hormones are rampant in our surroundings these days, with female sex hormones being present in food products in even in drinking water. Estrogen also makes its way into your body through your skin, and is even BREATHED in especially when youíre fueling up your car.

One important aspect of gynecomastia reduction is to avoid as many of these over-exposures to estrogen as possible, but for you to get that flat chest you've always wanted in the quickest time possible, you have to in addition, implement active methods of estrogen reduction and natural testosterone enhancement.

Natural methods of man boob elimination involve the intake and avoidance of specific food groups, and engaging in particular hormone-manipulating exercises that have been found to bring quick results to the vast majority of man boob sufferers. To uncover some real proven tactics on natural gynecomastia reduction, take a look at the following --> How to Get Rid of Moobs.

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